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painting for the letter V

“V” is for “Vase”!

The littles explored the letter of the week through a still art invitation today. With a vase filled with silk flowers, they closely observed the colors and lines and shapes before taking water colors to the paper.

The process here was amazing! They used new vocabulary to describe the petals as round or long, the stems as thin and straight, the glass as clear, and much more! Their observations directed their color choices and how they used their brush strokes to create what they saw.

I am constantly impressed and in awe of their unlimited creativity and potential ❤️

painting for the letter V
painting a vase for v
painting preschoolers
mixed media seascape

Invitation to Create!

When learning the Letter Ss and exploring an Ocean Theme, why not design your very own “Seascape”?

Incorporating mixed media materials with a study of the natural environment allows littles to express their understanding of the external world as they see, feel, and interpret it. It’s a great reason to pull out the art supplies and let loose!