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a young seedling

Through a child’s eyes…

If only adults could see the world through a child’s eyes we would discover the most amazing things that can inspire awe and curiosity, much like this tiny little Maple sprout hidden in the bark mulch at the park!

Not only did one little discover it with his spying eyes, but he also shared his interesting find with his friends who quickly came to investigate this new sign of Spring. A simple, often overlooked part of nature incited wonderful curiosity and conversation that enlightened us all. If only we saw the world through the eyes of a child, right?!

preschools in nature
kids explore nature
climbing in the sun

Spring brings Sunshine and Smiles!

The littles are so happy to spend longer stretches of time playing outdoors at our neighboring playground. Moving our bodies, testing our strength, and exercising our gross motor skills is an integral part of preschool development. We can’t wait to head out to Nature’s Classroom again tomorrow!

exercising kids
climbing in the sun
preschoolers play on the swing
playing at the park on a beautiful day
enjoying the Medway sun
Our preschoolers are loving the sun today!